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Monday, May 28, 2007

Thank God Memorial Day Weekend is over!

No, nothing horrible happened, I am just happy to return to the office tomorrow... No screaming kids, no sticky sand on my feet, no BBQ smell on my hair - all the stuff most people love. I survived the trip to Bear Mountains Park today. We left Vera (my nanny) home and took the challenge to do it on our own. Bad idea. The beach was packed, kids were cranky, I left sunblock at home... Wearing Manolos and white capris was a VERY bad idea. Actually originally we left home for a shopping trip to NYC but decided to go to a picnic on the half way from Westport.
Anyway, glad to be at work tomorrow, bright and early... Summer hours at Vertrue mean I should be there at 8 am :)
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Snow in May in NYC

Here are my kids playing in "snow" on chilly May evening..

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yahooo! Finally a website that sell decent clothes for tall girls!!!!

It actually became some sort of habit of mine: I routinely Google "tall women clothes" in the search of something cute that fits... Tonight I was in the mood for another "When ugly clothes attack" post when I came across this: Tall Like Me
The first thing I do on these specialty sites go directly to dresses section. Usually you can tell right away if this site is for old tall boring people of for hip slender girls just looking at their dresses. They can deceive you with pants and jeans - but dresses are usually a good indicator.
Voila, look at this nautical beauty:
I hope it's really in tall size and a waistline is located where God meant it to be (tall girls know what I mean).
The price $155 is kinda high for a brand I never heard of, but hey, we pay extra for a luxury being tall!

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Sunday, May 20, 2007 - are they doing a good job?

My morning visit to blogospher around my neighborhood brought me to an interesting website: They claim finding a pair of perfect jeans for you based on your preferences, height, weigh and body type. Since I am a perfect example of a person hard to find jeans for I decided to give it a shot. After a dozen questions about my butt and how I would like to see it their search returned 10 jeans for me. Basically they don't sell jeans - just redirect you to a web store. But hell, I was disappointed. I clearly indicated my height: 6 feet and my favorite brand - Rock & Republic (they asked)... The search result returned 10 jeans. ALL of them were in inseam 33"... I already have capris for this summer, thank you! For a person who are 5'11" and taller there are jeans with 36" inseam just so you know, dear Zafu! So PLEASE make sure people won't waste their time filling up your questionary just to boost your web stats. And PLEASE don't tell them that you have something for them if you don't - I clicked on all jeans to make sure they don't fit me...

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

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Sign at my office desk

I think this is very self explanatory. I wonder how my boss will react to it?


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I am not GAY, I just like raibows!

I think this is hilarious: Imagine this air freshener in your car. I am so getting it.


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Toys I want for my office desk.

I so need to spice up my work environment: my office desk looks boring and plain. I am blessed with cool coworkers whose sense of humor makes my day flying by. OK, where do I start?

Animal Screen Cleaners: Spider, Caterpillar, or Fish? I just can't decide....

Here it is: BALL OF POPULATION...People feel free to think anything they want to.... I just LOVE it!


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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ugly clothes for tall people: to be continued...

Another day, another ugly dress... The spotlight of a day is
This UK tall people clothes website actually has a decent representation of tall pants. I was quite impressed of their stock of cute (not your grandmother's pant) pant collection. Although 90% of them are the same flare cut they have inseams up to 40"!
But when I clicked on "tall dresses" I wanted to close a browser ASAP. Same long, boring, shapeless old women outfits. See yourself:

They ALL are the same design, just different ugly patterns. Would YOU wear any of these?????


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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Why tall people are offered ugly clothes all the time???

I just love all these special "tall women boutiques". Why, oh why every dress they sell has to be so ugly? Today I came across a store with a motto "Designer Fashions for TALL women"... I applaud the every effort to do something for tall people but this is freaking ridiculous... Just check out their dress selection:


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My visit to Canal Street today

After hearing so many things about this magic place I had to check this out. Marifer loved her last weekend visit there and came back with these cool designer sun glasses and bags. I should have added quotes to word "designer" but who cares. I just can't afford loosing 2-3 pair of several hundred bucks glasses per season. I just can't help it: I always forget them at check out counters, parks, restaurants, etc.
Anyway, I was disappointed: pretty much everything I saw today were cheap (VERY cheap) looking knock-offs. I was checking out some stuff when a guy approached me offering Chanel bags. I couldn't resist and followed him to some back room. I have to admit it was a bit scary. Actually the scariest part was seeing all these fake purses. All of them were made of cheap looking faux leather and looked quite pathetic. I have no idea who and why would buy them. I run out and I am planning to stop tomorrow in Greenwich Chanel Boutique. I need a recovery window shopping time: just looking at real perfectly perfect Chanel creations.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rock & Republic Ultra Sexy Bootcut Jeans - TALL!!

OK, I LOVE Rock & Republic Jeans for understanding that people come in different shapes and length. While other brands are slowly catching up with the "tall trend" these guys got it right: 33" inseam is NOT TALL!!!! Take a note, Victoria's Secret!
These beauty comes in 35" inseam, dark wash and gold R on the back pocket. I am in love with this jeans.

They sell for $227 at

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