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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another New England Episode: It's bad to be a dog here..

My kids were piecefully playing that evening on the local Darien school playground when a dog came running to us. It was one of these fat cute neutered family-friendly dogs that just stay puppies 'till the die. I heard "he's friendly! he's friendly" screaming lady owner who came dashing after him. At first I though it was a mix, but the lady owner jumped ahead saying it's a very rare red labrador to prevent such awful thoughts. She was as friendly just as her dog chatting non-stop and 5 minutes later I became familiar with this dog's pedigree, sleeping and pooping habits, favorite food and his baby pictures.

The only thing I really paid attention to was that this royalty dog was limping really badly and could barely walk. I asked the lady that happened conserning if this dog been in accident. She was happily to announce that it was just an "improvement" his vet recommended: replace a hip. It turns out that all labs, german sheperds and boxers were created by nature the way they need a hip replacement surgery once in a lifetime. She cheerfully explained that EVERY dog on her block had this surgery. It's like you are obligated to do it if you own one of these breeds. She said that their legs created too low to handle all these pressure and eventually they all hurt their knees. I asked how much did it cost (out of curiosity) and it turned out to be $10,000!!!!! Of course you can do a cheep surgery for $4,500 but the leg may fall out - there's no guearntee. And some people actually trying to save money on their dogs this way, cheep unhuman irresponsible bastards! her face turned red when she spoke about her neighbors who didn't go for a "whole package" and now their poor dog is set to suffer 'till rest of his life.

OK, I don't care if reach people throw away their money to pet knee surgery (even though there are thousands of kids dying every day simply because they can't get the medication not to mention surgeries). At this time I concern about poor dogs. Just because vets need more money it doesn't meen dogs have to suffer. Why do they have to go through totally unnecessary surgery??? Pleeeeese, don't tell me that every lab needs an artificial hip. Dogs are dogs. God help them here in sweet town of Darien.

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I grew up in the area and currently live in Weston. I just had to tell you how funny I have found your posts - especially the Crocs one - because they are so typical of the people that live here. I will have to tell my fiance to read your blog - he'll get a kick out of it too!

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