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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another New England Episone: Thanks for Saving My Children!

Another beautiful Sunday morning on Compo Beach, Westport. I love going there before 10 am since it's mostly empty. The majority of Westport residents are attending church services (they're all good citizens after all!) and my kids can have a beach playground to themselves. As I mentioned before, Westport has a rather strict dress code: polos, Lilly outfits for girls (God forbid your child is wearing something from GAP!) and Crocs on their little feet. I personally feel that Crocs are ugly. OK, colorful ugly. Even for kids. My husband has different taste in clothing and he accidentally bough them in NYC for a little one. But they're NOT CROCS! Poor thing had no idea that it's very sinful to buy CROCS-look-alike for a little child. He had no clue. He thought they're adorable and cheap. So Emily wore them.
While little angel was swinging on the tire the old lady appeared and asked if I am a mother or a nanny. After I politely acknowledged her about my relationship to these two blond children she shook her head and said how some parents could be irresponsible. She pointed out that Emily's shoes were not ORIGINAL CROCS!!!! Damn, that little alligator on the side was missing!!!! How on the earth she could notice that???? Anyway, she said that it's dangerous to wear "fake ones" since only CROCS are made from bacteria-resistant rubber. OMG, my child was definitely in the danger. Thank you, ladies of Westport for keeping an eye on such important things.
And kudos to CROC's marketing people. Great brainwashing, folks! Keep up a good work.
Gee, I miss South Beach.
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