South Beach meets New England

Monday, May 28, 2007

Thank God Memorial Day Weekend is over!

No, nothing horrible happened, I am just happy to return to the office tomorrow... No screaming kids, no sticky sand on my feet, no BBQ smell on my hair - all the stuff most people love. I survived the trip to Bear Mountains Park today. We left Vera (my nanny) home and took the challenge to do it on our own. Bad idea. The beach was packed, kids were cranky, I left sunblock at home... Wearing Manolos and white capris was a VERY bad idea. Actually originally we left home for a shopping trip to NYC but decided to go to a picnic on the half way from Westport.
Anyway, glad to be at work tomorrow, bright and early... Summer hours at Vertrue mean I should be there at 8 am :)
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