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Saturday, May 12, 2007

My visit to Canal Street today

After hearing so many things about this magic place I had to check this out. Marifer loved her last weekend visit there and came back with these cool designer sun glasses and bags. I should have added quotes to word "designer" but who cares. I just can't afford loosing 2-3 pair of several hundred bucks glasses per season. I just can't help it: I always forget them at check out counters, parks, restaurants, etc.
Anyway, I was disappointed: pretty much everything I saw today were cheap (VERY cheap) looking knock-offs. I was checking out some stuff when a guy approached me offering Chanel bags. I couldn't resist and followed him to some back room. I have to admit it was a bit scary. Actually the scariest part was seeing all these fake purses. All of them were made of cheap looking faux leather and looked quite pathetic. I have no idea who and why would buy them. I run out and I am planning to stop tomorrow in Greenwich Chanel Boutique. I need a recovery window shopping time: just looking at real perfectly perfect Chanel creations.

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