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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Looking for perfect polka dot wedges

I can't believe: I bought a pair of polka dot wedges and returned it to store. No, this is not something I haven't done before. I went back to the store 10 days later and bought them back!!!! They're perfect navy (the color of the Summer 2007) with white polka dot and peep toes and the whole nine yards. The only thing I disliked about them was 3.5 inch heel. Look people, I am 5'11 and most of my friends are under 5'7". Sometimes they complain about me being too tall (no, actually it's them being too short) so I have to take this to consideration. Anyway, look at them:
so cute, right? So I bought them back. Sorry gals, I couldn't do it. They'll be perfect with my wrap navy dress.


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