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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yahooo! Finally a website that sell decent clothes for tall girls!!!!

It actually became some sort of habit of mine: I routinely Google "tall women clothes" in the search of something cute that fits... Tonight I was in the mood for another "When ugly clothes attack" post when I came across this: Tall Like Me
The first thing I do on these specialty sites go directly to dresses section. Usually you can tell right away if this site is for old tall boring people of for hip slender girls just looking at their dresses. They can deceive you with pants and jeans - but dresses are usually a good indicator.
Voila, look at this nautical beauty:
I hope it's really in tall size and a waistline is located where God meant it to be (tall girls know what I mean).
The price $155 is kinda high for a brand I never heard of, but hey, we pay extra for a luxury being tall!

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